smee again

na ihr?

Hi people,

Today was a mixed-up day. First I had an early wake up... almost 6 o'clock. Sorry, but its too early for me. Sure, It would be very nice to be able to get up very early every day and feel fine the whole day after that but it doesn't seem very probable in my case. I feel very sleepy right now. Since I had some other work too do as well, I didn't go to the gym as well. Tomorrow I will have to make up for it.
There's dinner in half an hour but I don't feel very hungry (!.) After that there will be some video, lets see what they will choose.

If you are reading this S-chan, then greets for you!!!

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kojisato さんのコメント...

Pa-Panda> YES, you made up today! Now I'm so sleepy, because I tranke with Dr. DDR 2 bottles wines. Also 1 bottle for me;-p Today I made a seafood pasta.
It's pretty good. Maybe it's better than your dinner.
Thanks for your greet. "Gute Nacht!"!