Free day

It was my free day today and as was to be expected it was raining for well half of the day. I was kind of hoping to go to Tunbridge Wells but unfortunately the rain strongly dissuaded me from going. I theoretically could go in the afternoon but I lost interest after being WET for half of the day... I went only very shortly with my colleague to get some shopping done. Again i had to wait for him for at least 2 hours because he had a lot to do - not his fault though.

some part of my floor got wet buDuring the time I was waiting, I discovered more bad luck in my room!!!! The window sill had sprung a leak and water was continuously seeping and dropping into my room from the window -t fortunately just a bit. I think it was discovered by the cleaners who clean the rooms every day. The woman told me that the water coming into my room seeped through the floor and completely soaked the bed and room beneath. Wheeew, good that it just got a bit wet in my domain...
The housemeister - janitor in English I think, couldn't fix the leak so they only stopped it coming directly to the room and directed it outside through the window. The result is that as long as it is raining, one of the windows will have to be left open and that I will have to enjoy nice fresh air at night - I will have to dress warmly.

Just a bit of bad luck (shimata) at the supermarket - which was pretty small. I just wanted to try out some beer and cider so I took a can of each out of the pack of four. I was very surprised when I looked at the receipt and saw that I paid for the whole pack!!!! I had to go back (I was still at the check out) and get the rest of the drinks I had paid for. Strangely enough there was no single can of beer in the whole Tesco! The bastards are really supporting alcoholism :/ - the people who work there were very nice and helpful though, really concerned.

I think there is some movie on by the airport staff who are also staying here so I will go and have a look. Anyway, I have to get going since the library is only open until 9.
Cheers everyone!


After leaving the library, I went to the small house where all the staff can relax. We tried to find some good program on TV but there was nothing available since the digital tv packet - SKY TV - is very basic with almost none programs.

After that I and my visitor - Kasia, went to John to watch a movie - Pursuit of Happiness, which was supposed to be based on real facts. The movie had Will Smith in it and it was rather good. It was too sad for me, even if it finished well.
All in all, it was a very well made and watchable movie.
Almost forgot - we drank some beer and cider as well :)

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kojisato さんのコメント...

Pa-Panda> I think, you can go tommorow to Tunbridge Wells. It's raining here alltime. You, a Pech-Panda! I hope, your room doesn't sink under the water!!!!!