Free day and dream of computers

A free day again.

Sooo, a free day has come again.
This time it is really lovely, very sunny, warm and pleasant.

I had some hopes about today, such as going to Tunbridge Wells, still, nobody is going there and the next bus is at 16! If I don't go until there, I might just take the bus (it's free) and stay for 2-3 hours. If I do, I will send some photos as well.
After lunch I am definitely going to the gym and if the swimming pool is open I will go and take a dip. Should be very very pleasant and warm...

I have a feeling that whatever I am going to do is indeed going to be a very good day (unless we get a meteorite impact on the site)

I have been thinking about buying a computer here - they are a bit cheaper here than on the continent. I need a laptop but I am wondering if I should buy a heavier full size 15inch laptop or a smaller, lighter 10 inch one. I guess the reasonable compromise would be a 12 incher, unfortunately however there are only very expensive 12" laptops.

There is right now a very interesting small and very inexpensive laptop on the market. It has the energy efficient and very good new Intel chip - the Atom.
Acer and MSI came up with some good propositions - I personally like the MSI wind and Advent 4211 better (the two are almost the same)

Here are some links :
first of all Wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MSI_Wind_PC
then some prices in the UK - Advent , for me this one seems very good - and how light it is!!! 1.2 KG for the heaviest model. All this for a rather quick computer with Windows XP, you can have linux on it if you want. The linux version should be even cheaper - I like the idea.

I have lots of doubts however. For the same price I could get a used laptop, with warranty, heavier but more useful - quicker, easier to upgrade.
There are other reasons for hesitation as well, among others the new Via chip - the Isahiah processor which is proving to be faster by a fair margin...
It is difficult to choose something decent...
Honestly, I don't know what to buy and I suppose that in the end I will go for the price. Why should I pay too much for something new when I can get something older and better for the same price????
The problem is to find a good bargain - a new computer would be definitely a better choice.
I really want a lenovo thinkpad - they are quite heavy though even if resilient... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA what should I buy. My price limit is 300 Pounds - 390 Euro. No windows please.
I will have to look for a decent bargain. Bye

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kojisato さんのコメント...

Pa-Panda> Congratulation on your 2nd freeday! As you know, I'm not ok today. Just a little bit disappointment, when I think about my wedding, new life etc. Never meind. I can't now change it. We make now our future. I'm so sory for my implite. Natualy you can buy a good PC in the future.