Sunday and English Breakfast!

I am so full!
Always on Sunday we can sleep longer and there is a special breakfast!!!

I had 2 sausages, some bacon (not too much though), scrambled eggs, toast and some special English potato bread (?) plus some mushrooms.

Pity that I have no photos to show :D just believe me it was very good.
The traditional breakfast should also have tomatoes and black pudding but we didn't have it. I didn't take the beans too.

To be honest, it was a bit too much, good that we had juice to wash it down.

By the way, have a look at the blog panda man says to see a very interesting widget that I found. Nice game.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

oh, i killed 3 pandas! I made today for my breakfast a scrambled eggs too. But I ate noch so much! I read about scottch breakfast too. Anyway it is a big portion! In Germany we eat a speciao breakfast too. I think, but it is not so much!