Was an early day again, had to get up at 4:45.
Well, not an easy task for me.
I am sorry to say that I didn't go to the gym yesterday, which failure I will correct today.
Here are a few photos of the gym, not very impressive but good enough.

We are having not an especially bad day, weather-wise. It is not raining and sometimes the sun shines through. Since I don't have much to do today, I thought that I might write a bit.
I still have a few notices to post, but this can be done a bit later. Here is a pretty decent photo of the Kent sky :

Later in the evening the whole group is having a nice
video night so it should be relaxing as well. Tomorrow though will be fun... 14 new people arriving, that is quite a lot but I am confident it will be a decent enough day.
Here are a few other photos of the school, hope you like it S-chan. BTW, chu chu chu :***