free day and beer!

So I had a free day yesterday.

It was quite a good time, very peaceful and pleasant. This week has been very positive so far in general. I am a double uncle now - my brothers wife had a baby on Tuesday!

But back to the business of a free day.
I slept a bit, then I read a book ( my "Confusion" by Neal Stephenson) and ate dinner. I also did some pushups. I think my muscles are slowly getting used to exercise, they don't hurt anymore today.
Then I went for a short trip on the bus. The kids went to see a museum in Maidstone, Kent, and I went to see the shopping area and I even actually did some shopping.
I needed swimming trunks but in the end I didn't buy any, I bought only a shirt (15 Pound) and flip-flops (5P)
The shirt is very nice, two layered with two collars. I actually needed something like this since I only had one casual shirt, the other are too elegant for everyday.

Today I am going to a shopping center called Bluewater.
I would like to buy some swimming trunks and just have a look at the shops as well. I will have to have a close look at the kids as well since I will be actually working. This should be fine though.

As to yesterday, I and a few of the people who work here - like John who is the course director, went to a pub. This was John's idea and it was definitely very good.
We drunk a few pints (1 Pint is about half a litre) and talked a lot - mostly John and Paul (another colleague) were talking about their drinking stories (John is Scottish! so he had a lot to say). John really had some interesting stories to tell. Then they started discussing which comedy series was the greatest. They say that in order to understand British culture one has to see " Only Fools and Horses" series. They also mentioned some other series but I couldn't remember everything. We drunk a few beers - 3 for each of us, I was relatively sober, could walk and talk without problems. We drunk Stella, Kroneberg and I really relly liked the taste of the "bitter" English ales. It was very tasty and smooth. Personally, it was much better than the standard Lager that everybody else was drinking.

We didn't stay too long, at about 1130 we came back.
When I woke up today I had a few minutes headache but it disappeared very quickly.
A nice day overall