not doing much at work

Today is a slow and peaceful day again. I just went for a (very) short bicycle spin.
I must definitely do much more exercise - i was very tired and sweaty after just a few minutes riding uphill. So far today I haven't been to the gym yet, I will definitely go though. I think just before or after 5 o'clock. This way I will exercise, get tired and sweaty and then I will shower quickly. In this way I will go to dinner hungry, clean and fresh. Actually I am not hungry at all now. Need to drink some water though.
I am doing some laundry for forgetful students - it should be ready soon enough so I will just put it in tuble-drier.

Later on I will post some photos of the gym, it is nice enough for me, a bit old but decent and I have fun there.
Yesterday I spent at least 1.5 hour there; first half hour alone and then later on in the evening Kasia and me went there again, this time for longer. I really want to go to the gym here at least a few times a week - let's say 5. It is free, very near - just down the stairs as a matter of fact - and sufficient for my needs. I would like to get stronger and have more endurance as well as stamina - for sport and normal everyday life as well. Everyday nights too :)

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Pa-Panda> Someday you get "SIX-PACK"! But yesterday I wached about a "macho man" on TV. I like a helpful and considerate "marshmallow man" much more!!!;-***