I am back,

it took me a long time to sit and write something.

First of all, the last few day were quite busy and secondly I am not good at writing.
This time I will describe some interesting things from the last week and send some photos.
Hope you will like it.

It was quite busy this week, we had some problems, conflicts, nightly excursions.
There was this boy who had very obviously psychological problems. He was very quiet, did not speak almost at all, looked only at the ground. However, he was also aggressive, very rude to other students and generally unpleasant. If his grandmother hadn't been having a course here as well we would have had to send him back home. He is going home tomorrow though. I don't think he should have been sent here at all.

Then on Wednesday there was a very nice evening activity, mini-Olympics. It consisted of 10 competitions, like throwing a bean bag, wheelbarrow, 3-legged race, bag-race; there were 8 teams and I think they were having good fun. I was counting the points, unfortunately nobody tried to bribe me.

AND then, after I finished my day and went to sleep, I was woken up by the security guard, a very nice guy, who told me that he heard some giggling in one of the rooms. I got dressed and went there.
I knocked at the door - there was a very short burst of confusion and it died down. Hearing this and knowing that there were some boys in this room - this was girls' room so they had no right to be there - I said that they have to get out. Since nobody got out I switched on the light an went inside. At first sight the room was normal, except for the people sleeping in the beds. But then I saw a leg under one of the beds, somebody came out of the wardrobe, so in the end there were 4 boys who definitely shouldn't be there. Actually, I had to be careful not to laugh since one of the boys - a very tall and on the whole very nice boy - tried to squirm under one of the beds, really totally ludicrous! I couldn't help laughing later on :D I just told them to get to sleep because it was too late already to do anything else.
Basically I think that you can't blame them for trying :) they were already 15, at least most of them, so at this age they like the companionship of the other sex.

On the next day we had a conversation and it turned out that there were 4 more girls hiding in the room, I simply hadn't seen them back then.
I and the other house parent thought that because of this they shouldn't go bowling and they would have to do lines (like 100 times 'I will not go to girls bedroom again' .)
On this day everybody was supposed to go bowling. Since it would be difficult to find somebody to supervise the group (12 people,) it was decided that they will go, however on the next day they were supposed to miss an interesting activity - Karaoke, and write lines.
I think now that it was good that they went bowling, they had lots of fun.
So yesterday they missed the fun of karaoke and had to write a story of the previous day - two full pages, which took them about 1h 20 min.
And some of them are going away today - they will have a nice memory because I believe they won't forget it. I haven't seen the stories yet but I think they played 'truth or dare', have you heard about it? Interesting game.
Later on I will post some photos and write some more.


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kojisato さんのコメント...

I like your story with the boys! It´s so cute! I remember my schooltrip. Such like this things happend too! I think the boys don´t forget this stay in England. They can although laugh 10 years later:-D