Hi guys, sorry that I am not writing anything.

As you know, S is on holidays in the South of Germany - since she does not have too much time to watch the Blog, she is not controling what I am doing with it.

To be honest, this week has been quite hard at work, too much to do.
I was tired most of the time. On Wednesday I and Mat managed to watch two movies in the evening.

The first was Jin-Ro, a movie about an alternate history of Japan. I have seen it many times but find it very intriguing and terrifying every time I see it.

The second one was Chinese Ghost Story. I absolutely love the whole series, it is just such an amazing mixture of a martial arts, horror and romantic movie. It is a bit old but the proper description for the movie is - absolutely entertaining, very well flowing with very likable characters, good story, nice effects. Wonderful.

And the last thing! The laziest cat in the whole world!! Even better than Maru - just possibly.

And TOMORROW! I am going to Munich to finally see my lovely S-baby. I wonder, will she say that I have gotten FAT or will she pretend not to see. Hmmmmm, we shall see.

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