Our new flat

Hi again!

Sorry that I have not written for a while. I was a bit busy and also quite lazy.

I am afraid that when I and Satoko live together I will not be able to just say, "no time" because she will do "whip whip" and I will be forcefully bent to writing a blog :)))) I do not mind and anyway this is just a joke.

As you can see from her posts she had a great time in Germany!!! Wonderful time, for me as well. I was able to relax and get more energy for work. I still am not happy with work and will be looking for a different one once I get back from wedding journey.

As to the wedding and life together, it seems we have arranged for almost everything now. I just need to find some good optician in Poland to get glasses for me and S.

Wedding Reception - CHECK
Food - CHECK
Documents - CHECK
Registrar office in Poland - CHECK as well.
Tickets to Poland - CHECK
tickets from Germany to Edinburgh for S - CHECK.

Transport of ko-panda's things to Edinburgh - CHECK.

Flat for us to live together - CHECK!!!! wow!Made it. It is a bit more expensive than I thought - with all the council tax and bills, but it is perfectly fine! So nice and HUUUUGE. Not far from all my colleagues and friends here too. Just 5 minutes on foot to Mat and Joanna, a bit more to Brunon - 10 minutes by bike. 10 minutest by bike to the city centre too.

Actually, it was Frau M. who found it, the friend of mine back from the Poznan days. She will have a slightly smaller room than the two of us. The flat is on the second floor so it should be really warm in the winter and the winters here are not as cold as, for instance, in Poland, anyway. As you can see from the Photos, it is very pretty too. Sorry for the quality but my Nokia E-51 has terrible terrible terrible image quality (choke on this Nokia people).

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