Just a few days left to...

our wedding.

There is this coming week and a day more from the next untill I am flying away to Germany - Dusseldorf. Then from D. to Berlin, meet S-chan and to go to Poland, by Train :)

We already have all the tickets too :) Very glad about this.

We also have arranged everything with our wedding. All the guests have been invited - mostly family. The hotel and party are prepared too.

I am currently in the middle of arranging S-chan's things to be transported here - should be no problem at all. Need to make a few more phone calls though to book the transport.

I am a bit nervous with our wedding - hope everything will be fine!

In the first place I hope S will be happy here - that she will fit in and find a good job too. Frau M. tells me that the sooner you start a job here the better it is for you, much better than studying if one wants to quickly improve your english. For the start though, S-chan can slowly get used to living here, improve her already definitely decent English and get used to the weather. Our place is not so near to the sea so if the water level rises due to global warming we should be very fine and safe.

Cheers everybody.

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kojiczuk (kojisato & Pa-panda)

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KrKr さんのコメント...

Hey Panda-man, good job, well done so far. Make a bit more effort to find a better job!

Yearofthebat さんのコメント...

You lazy pig! find a better job!!!
Yeah, and you have to be very good for S-chan.

by the way, this is Skibi-sama here!!! I will be watching you