My recent culinary achievements!

I am afraid I do not cook as much as I should.

I believe that cooking is quite good for you. First of all if you cook, you usually do not have so much appetite. In this way you eat less. Secondly in this way you usually eat better things than fast food, for less money. If you cook you have less time to sit by the PC and you move too - in this way you get exercise while cooking.

I normally eat something fast, like chips and some pie for instance (tasty but usually too much). Every time, however, that I cook something, I amaze myself how good it is. I bet that when we live together with S, I will have more enthusiasm too cook. We will have an economical electric / gas range. The top, the hob, is gas, the oven is electric with a fan. This makes it easier too cook. The gas hob gives you more direct control over the heat, it also allows you to control the temperature and length by hearing - you hear how much gas is being burned. You can also see it - unlike an electric heating plate - unless we speak about some very expensive one.

Need to go, my food is almost ready!!!

I am back... and sooo full.

Let me show you what I made recently, nothing special but was very tasty/delicious/smaczne/oishiiii/umai/gut.
First, yesterday - casserole, vegetables with chicken legs. I took some deep frozen vegetables, added a tomato, apple and one big potato. I also, obligatorily added herbs - Provence plus fresh basil. The chicken legs had been in the fridge for a few days, soaking in the herbs I had put on them.
Then I simply fried some onion and after that (separately for the most time) the chicken - not too much though.

I did not have a casserole cover so it had to stay in the oven for more than one hour. If only I had a big heavy cover, 50 minutes would be enough to make it even softer. As it was, the potatoes were a bit harder than the rest. Overall - simply wonderful!

I took some to work today - only vegetables. This was a good idea, got nicely full.

Using what I had left from the vegetables, I made a kind of shepherd's pie today. This time however I took about 200 grams of lamb meat, fried it, added the contents of the jar and mixed with the remaining veggies. On top of that I put some instant mashed potatoes I had almost forgotten about (just add hot water and milk). Half an hour later I had enough food for 4 people, and very good as well.
Have a look and be jealous!

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