The Panda voice again

Hallo everyone, once again.
Guess what, I am at S-chan's place still.
I was a bit ill(cold) on Wednesday - slight fever and general unwell feeling.
On Thursday, S-chan went to her befriended family to take part in the traditional Schlacht-Fest, as she has already written in her post. So while I have to learn for my exam, I am staying at her place and learning.
I learn but it is not going very quickly. In fact, today and yesterday I was doing some extra things besides learning.
For once, I tired her printer out at the photo quality setting with decent printing paper - again! I think I am addicted to experimenting with software, printers and general hardware... Anyway, the printer works ok, and now she doesn't have to worry about her ink - I had previously bought special refillable ink cardtridges.

Today I also went to "Mensa" which is Cafeteria in German. It is very near to where S. is living. The one in Rostock used to be oficially considered the best in the whole of Germany(as a student cafeteria - in a poll conducted by a German student organisation).
To my total surprise, today they had my favorite food - "panierte tintenfish" which is battered and fried Ika - squid rings. I really really like it, even though most of the taste comes from the fried batter :P Anyway it was very accidental for me to find it since I was not planning on going there. Anyway, the squid was as good as always, luckily I didn't take too much - although I really wanted to enjoy the taste more, I wasn't able to eat anything else.
I tried to make some scans for S-chan. There is an advanced Minolta copier with a scan-and-send -to-email function. Unfortunately it didn't work as I would like it to. First settings problems and then it din't want to scan more than 16 pages...

I also spoke with S-chan, she will be back on Sunday and you can count on a nice post about meat and German tradition. With grisly photos too :D he he he.

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Pupu さんのコメント...

Hi! It's the first time for me to leave a comment to you. Have you recovered from the cold?
I live in Kiel. The "Mensa" in Kiel is not so nice as yours. I can't recommend our "Mensa" to anyone...I envy you.

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...


nice to get a comment from somebody, I get so few :P
The mensa here is really good but yesterday in pro7 we saw a program about the best mensa/cafeterias in germany. The Mensa there was really good, real gourmet food - nicely served and varied.
Mensa here is good too, don't forget though that I like to eat almost everything and it would be good for me even if it wasn't very tasty for other people.