Pumpkin soupe - a recipe.

Pumpkin Soup – A recipe.

As promised, I would like to write something about the pumpkin soup that S-chan likes so much.

I made it a few days ago and everybody who tried it said that it was very good.

The ingredients:

1 pumpkin – not too big, 2 kg (about)

4 not too big onions.

3 table spoons of lemon juice or wine vinegar

3 glasses of broth (chicken / beef) – you can make it from the concentrate (the small cubes)

1 glass of cream (sour cream is ok – I took 1 glass of sweet cream additionally because I like cream a lot).

3 tee spoons of flour.

Salt, pepper, ginger (you could use fresh ginger root)


Peal the pumpkin, get the meat out of it.

Cut it in cubes - can be big ones. Get the seeds off.

Clean the onions, cut them finely (should be small)

Take a big pot, put the pumpkin and onion insikde, add the broth. If you should have more pumpkin and

onion (for instance if you really want to have a lot of soup,) add more brothe. Add the lemon juice or vinegar, some salt and pepper. Cook slowly for about half an hour. The onion should be fairly soft. At least 20 minutes. Actually, the recipe says that you should press remove the water and press the onion and pumpkin through a sieve into a different pot. Since it would take a lot of time and patience, I mixed the pumpkin and onion in a mixer - it went really well and was much easier to do.

Afterwards, I mixed the cream with the flour (I did it in a mixer as well :) )

Don't forget about the ginger! Since I had some fresh root, I blended it in the blender as well.

Just add everything to the soup and stirr it well. Then just cook it all slowly for about 20 minutes more.

And it is ready! Tastes quite well and rather easy to do - only it takes some time but should be ready in an hour at most.

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