B-Party for Mr. B.

Yesterday there was a paaarty.

My good friend Brunon was celebrating his 30th birthday, he actually had it in the week. Yesterday the actual party took place in the Edinburgh Dragonfly pub/club.

I wanted to come first to Brunon's flat to start drinking. The colleague from work - Joanna, wanted to come with me too so I went to her flat first. And then I had to wait 2 hours until she was ready. First we had to wait for her boyfriend, then they had to eat, then she was putting makeup on. AGES.

In the end we bought a good wine for a present and went directly to the pub by bike.
At the beginning not too many people appeared. From 10 pm though, more and more came - mostly Brunon's colleagues from work and B's and his girlfriend's family and friends. Actually, the atmosphere was really relaxed and pleasant.

Club "Dragonfly"

The original idea was to go the Bongo club afterwards. Neither me nor Joanna felt like going there and besides she was totemo jopparai. I was quite ok. Anyway, it was quite late for me to get back all the way home so I slept in Mat and Joanna's flat and came back today. I could not sleep very well - her boyfriend was up all day long working on some website - in the same room I was supposed to sleep. All night long I kept having some weird dreams and waking up from time to time - a bit uncomfortable.

I visited Brunon afterwards - I had to return his bike lock I had borrowed. They looked a bit dead. I found out that the night before after coming back from the club, some people continued to have fun in B's flat, until something like 5 in the morning :D

By the time they finished, I had already had a few hours of sleep.

Going now to tesco to buy a bike lock. Ciao.
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