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Hi, this is Panda again. I thought I would write something more about today.

After coming back from the party I had a bit of a break. Afterwards I somehow forced myself (iko iko gute Panda) to go by bike to Tesco - I needed a bike lock.

The weather was really great! So much sun but not too hot or stuffy at all. After a while on the bike I got warm but the way is mostly downhill anyway, so no problem getting there.

When in Tesco I did find a few locks. There was one cheap looking with keys, a different one, long steel cable with a numeric lock, a HUGE chain and a D-lock (steel bar looks like a letter D) I really wanted to have the really really big one, even the keys were heavy :) It cost only 10 pounds and was very very impressive. Only it was much too heavy, I guess 2 kg. So I just bought the long steel cable with a code lock, the code I have chosen is XXXXXX secret :D

I also bought something a real Panda cannot ignore, green and sweet smelling: in this case Basil. Two kinds even - normal with big leaves (bit expensive 1,8P) and some new thing - greek basis, smaller leaves. I will put them on my window sill and let them grow before brutally eating them.

The plants remind me of our tree. It is finally fully grown and we should receive a new one soon. But the old one is so stange, absolutely differen than the one we thought we could get. The version just previous to the final one was much better. But just look at this one! HMMMM. Strange.
I also bought something which will enable me to drink my fill of TEA! I was considering buying a teapot and today finally found one. Quite nice and useful. I even have a tea infuser already, from an old tea - mug. Drinking tea right now even. Have to find some old big sock or something else to keep it warm.

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Er さんのコメント...

cool! I also love herbs and stuff but sometimes it dies sooo quickly...and I'm too lazy to buy a new one, so I have dry herbs in stock :D

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

This is sooo tasty and smells very good.I need to take care of it, I think I will (should) move it away from the sun.