Friday Finally

Friday finally!

Today was not so difficult but I could not concentrate. At least the weather was not too hot so we were no boiling at work. Anyway, I got home alright after driving through... the rain. AGAIN this week... (I ride by bike to work and back - only 10 - 15 minutes one way)

So this is the way a Scottish Heatwave looks like, weeeellll. Good enough for me - I hate when it is too hot. Recently so many stupid people leave their animals in the car - even when the windows are open it is very bad for the dogs and their die (has happened recently.) For the same reason Pandas do not like scorching hot weather, although warm is nice, sun is OK too.

I am at this moment heating some Heinz soup - typical bachelors' food, still 2 months of bachelor live to go. Tomorrow I will get some anti-diet scottish meal.

Aaaaactually, I should not eat anything else today. Since it is Friday, we got some Pączek (paczek) or a doughnut. As if was not enough, Mateusz (colleague) went to the cookie factory and bough some deformed cookies very cheaply - 2 kilograms for 1.2 Pound. They are good and there are many kinds. The only problem with them is that they did not come out perfect so cannot sold normally. There is a wee shop by the factory that sells them very cheaply. Today we got some with chocolate and caramel. So sweet...

Since it was raining I did not feel like going to get some beer. Now it finally stopped so I might go and do the following thing: (wish you the same too)

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Ryo さんのコメント...

Hello, A-man! :P
Aren't you posting diary so often lately! What's going on? Has this become a way to release your stress at the end of the day?:D
Well, cute cats!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Yup, this is a decent way to organize my thoughts and release some of the stress. Thank you fro the comment! I really like getting comments :)

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...