Grill Party on Sunday!

Hi all, I am drinking an nice beer (wheat or weizen) and though I would write some post.

It has been another beginning of the weak. Monday, Tuesday... :/ bleee. I am not very happy with this job.

Well, at least I had done some good stuff over the weekend.
On Saturday we - my friends and me, had a grill party, a barbecue.

Actually, they were painting their room so it was more like work and fun party. I came a bit late so I had the position of the barbecue master :D. I must say that I did not do too badly, no sausage
burnt!!! Not too shabby.

Before I went there, I wanted to watch TV a bit so I managed to see a Discover documentary about the biggest passenger plane on the earth - the new Airbus A380. It is so huge.
I also managed to do the laundry and hang it out.

Later there was only the shopping to do. Beer and meat was quite enough. This time I got some Ales - Gentleman Jack and Fursty Ferret. Both were very good and I can recommend them. So, back to the grilling. We had some difficulty lighting the fire but after half an hour, the fire was ready. First we had some nice black pudding sausage - actually Polish and bought in a Polish shop here. This one only needs light fire because it is not too hard when heated. Actually the best way to eat that is to fry it on the pan and eat with mustard (but the UK mustard is a bit unsuitable - too hot) and / or with PICKLES! Yummy. You can see that here next to the grilling bread. Very good.

Next dish on the card that day was served after a longer time well spent drinking Carlsberg, were sausages. Also Polish, this time some special barbecue sausages with cheese. While everyone was working hard painting the room nice canary green, I was supervising the work and the sausages. Obviously, they were not bad at all either.

The way we are planning, is that the next day after our wedding - on the 9th of September, we are going to have a very nice barbecue in the garden in Ciechanów :D yummy.

As you can see here, this is the second ale beer we had: Gentleman Jack. It was very good too, darker than the first one.

There was also the meat I had, it was chicken in sauce and pork in spicy sauce. Close to the end everybody was almost too full to have anything else :) Then some other friends came by and had the rest of the meat.

So then they finished the painting - the room is now bright green on 3 sides and dark brown on the 4th wall. The green is truly quite appealing and pleasant but the brown part is a bit dark. The wall obviously needs some pictures and decorations.

I also borrowed a bike the two of them - B and O, do not need anymore. It is a bit old but is still very strong. I think I will buy it from them.

And here is the sky, the photo was taken with my disgusting phone camera. Even so, it does look good.
The whole evening was very very pleasant.

Next weekend : making pickled cucumbers!!!! Polish Style!!!

There is also going to be a birthday of Mateusz and Joanna on Saturday!

They are twins - but not born on the same year. How can you explain that :D

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