First day at work (in a new week)

Well, the recent FIRST DAY of the week was not too bad. Even good enough. I am sure though that Motorola is not too nice for me. It is so boring and tedious, all the time the same things...

Well, actually, from the beginning of September there is going to be training for the Android system. All Hush hush so we do not know anything about it. The thing is, S-chan and me are having our wedding at more or less the same time. Hmmmmmm, what too choose, Otaku thing or LIEEEEBE (LOOOVEEEE). Well, I will choose luv this time :D (goodPanda.) Oh by the way, after I am back from Munchen, the rings will be ready. Just to remind you, this is what they will look like: Nice

What I somehow feel like writing about are two blogs I and Satopi usually read (every day)

The first is about Cats! http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kuru0214 I really must say that it is very very funny. Our lady-boss likes it too. OOOO, soooo cuteeeee. (cannot help myself)

The second one is totaly, but totally different. It is about.... CAAAATS (one only infact) Many people know about this cat because it is so funny (not to insult him and say stupid)
Every time I even think about it, I can't help laughing. Just look at this stupid cat: STUPID CAT and the blog is HERE (http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/)

One more thing - I took my basil plants away from direct sunlight but they will stay close by the window sill with plenty of water. When I manage to get some small flower pots I will put these pots inside - in this way I can pour water into the pot below and the plant is taking only as much water as it needs. I hope at least that this is the proper way to do it.

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