Not much new going on... but something is :)

Work goes on. Sooooooo boooooring.

But things are going further step by step.

So far I have not found a new job and I keep thinking if I were to find something new, I would not be easily able to get a holiday for the wedding. I will keep looking though.

I started finding transport for S-chan too. I think I will be able to find something affordable to transport her things here. There is a guy I found who is promising.

Also, we have finally our plans for the weddings set better. There might be some few changes - I just talked with my parents about it and they have some good ideas. They will help us find a hotel for us and our 2 German guests. We originally thought we would choose the hotel Baron and have the supper there as well. On the other hand the owner of this hotel is a friend of our families enemy M-onna (very bad one) so it might be better and cheaper to have the rooms and restaurant from a different hotel. The registrar office is moving as well, so hotel Baron is not the nearest one anymore.
Anyway my parents will be helping to find a decent and pleasant hotel for us. For M&S - German guests as well as Panda und Ko-Panda too (for a night after the wedding.) So far so good!!!

My Parents are OK after the visit by my sis on Majorca, they were there for 7 day. They say it is soo nice and pleasant. They hired a car for 3 days so they really were able to visit so much more than the standard tourist. However, it did NOT rain there.

Poland on the other hand is going through a time of intensive rains so it does rain a LOT. There are unfortunately some floatings too. It rains now as well - so wet and bit unpleasant.

There are some nice new news from home too. Our garden has new occupants, we have guests and it could be that these guests will stay. It can be sayd that the fact that our dog Baks is too old to chase them and our cat Mruczek is too lazy and handicapped to eat them.

My mother has just told me that a bunny (hare) has just moved into the garden and that he does not care about people and has not fear of the cat and the ancient dog. Such positive information all of a suddne. But WAIT! That is not all. There is also an hedgehog family there. Once my father saw a big hedgehog and thought that it could be pregnant. So now we have at least 2-3 hedgehog in the garden. Which is excelent since they eat a lot of insects. The bunny is much less useful though. We can always make pate (pasztet) out of it. Grow bunny grow!

Finally to finish up, there is one cat I always find so incredibly funny. MARU
How can a cat behave like that! SOoooooo baka

By the way, I have suuuuuch a mean girl. Recently there was the kissing day and I wanted to kiss her over the phone and what did she do!!!!???? She said - Pfui!!!!!! She spit my love out on the floor. I could not see it but I am sure she stepped on my kiss with her heels.... bu bu bu

I am officially complaining to the readers of the blog!

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