Harry Potter film

As I told you, the last Friday was a HP day - Harry Potter.

The latest film is the Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince.

As I indicated, the books untill the last one were generally skilfully written and enjoyable to read. This one is last but one till the end of the series.

Although the whole movie script was changed to a high degree, it is still very recomendable! I could not help admiring the way it was made, with relying mostly on the scenery and depth of details instead of special effects. It must be said that although the whole story is HARDLY original or deep, the books and movies are impressive. The amount of details, and the careful choice of scenes, light and atmosphere does make the movie not only enjoyable but also suprisingly good.

It is only for the people who know what it is all about, otherwise you would be lost. If you have read the book, do not concentrate on the missing parts of the script. Possibly too much time has been devoted to the funny points - Ron and his first girlfriend for instance. Even so it was really funn, "won-won" :P he he he (you know what I mean)

It was a good time and I am quite glad to have seen it.

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