So much rain and a heatwave.

Today Kapibara-san and Panda-chan welcome everybody


Somehow, the last few days were quite hot. The whole of UK is going through a record HEAT WAVE! Everywhere but not here. I mean today it was really hot and very stuffy, but except for that it was quite cool. Not too much sun too.

As you can see Kapibara-san arrived today to say hallo and offer good advice. I wonder what he is going to say.

In the meantime, there is something kojisato told me yesterday. Our acquaintance from Rostock have a baby, only 6 months old now. For the first few months the mommy was carrying her in belly but now the father carries it ON the belly - he has something like this:

That is a baby front carrier made by a company Bjorn, these can be easily bought new or used, for instance from eBay. The couple swears that this is very comfortable. The baby is looking either forwards or to the breast - she can see the father's face then. The head is kept stable too, so the baby's head does not flop there and back. Hmmm, interesting.

On the other not, as I am Panda at heart, I really like bamboo (not only for eating.) Recently I was looking for new socks in Asda and found some new stuff. These are made from cotton - 80 % and bamboo viscose. On the one hand, nothing special since it is normally made from wood but it is nice to say that you are wearing bamboo socks :) and if you are in a fix you can always eat them (if you are a Panda.) They are also very strong and pleasant. Really like them (I bought 14 pairs for about 5 Pounds)

Next time I am going to write about the Wedding preparation.

Or maybe some Otaku stuff... hmmmm
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SUKEKAKU(すけかく) さんのコメント...

Hello, Pa-Panda-san!

Kapibara sits on the women's Lap!!!!What a lovely photo!!Very cute!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...


That is one big kapibara. I wonder if you can be allergic to these?