After a short search - a Panda cave found!

Hi guys, it has been a while since my last post. I have been busy though so this time I can explain it.

After I started working in the company, I also begun looking for a place to stay.

I was looking in a few services on the internet, like spareroom.co.uk, citylets.co.uk, or gumtree. So every day I was finding something new and nice - there are some very good places here, bit expensive from my Polish point of view but normal for Edinburgh.

I found a place very near where I am staying right now. So I went to see it and it was so beautiful, really really comfortable, with a living room, big double beds, big rooms. It was also completel
y renovated. Soooo nice :) Here is the house seen from the outside: Crescent Terrace. Quite nice too.

Then (on the same day) I went to see a different place but it was not too good, although not too bad - just old and too many people in the flat.
On the next day there were two more places to visit. One in the city centre - very well placed, just in the middle of the city, by bus stops. There would also be other people living there - 4 others in fact. It might be a problem with just one bathroom. I was considering it anyway because it was so convenient. Still, I didn't choose it because it would be far from my work.
You can have a look at this street here : Cockburn Street in Edinburgh.

The last place I saw was the best. I saw it and in a short time I decided to take it. I will be living with one more guy - the owner of the small flat. The room is big enough (computer not included unfortunatelly)with a tv and dvd even :) and the whole flat is very clean and modern. Just look at the kitchen . The owner seems nice and cool, he only speaks with the strong scottisch accent so it is a bit difficult to understand him but I suppose I will manage. Besides, I will be able to go to work by bike from there - it is quite close and he will even lend me his bike :) The area is very quiet, pleasant with very small gardens. The Pentland hills are not very far from there so if I / we - with S-chan want to go we could go by there on foot or by bike. So anyways, I am moving there tomorrow in the afternoon. In 2 more weeks S-chan will be here too, I have already asked the owner if she can stay.
To finish up, you could have a look in the picassa album I made: Gallery. I finally uploaded and prepared all the photos and small videos I have recently taken.
They were done with my mobile phone camera so the quality is rather bad.