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Welcome guys!

I am again writing something about my adventures here in Edinburgh.

Recently a few nice things happened to me here. I went somewhere, got something, got cold :)

Well, to start with, work is going quite ok. It is obviously not the best in the world but I knew about it when I was applying for it. As you know, I really wanted to get a different position as a Helpdesk technician in Scottisch Courts. Unfortunatelly I didn't make it; no problem though. I have my new job here and it is even nice sometimes. Since today, the polish support for Motorola has taken off! We got so many Polish calls... bit tired. We are also going to work from 8 to 430, so 8,5 hours daily. A bit long but it is on hour break inclusive. So overall 7,5 hours - not too bad. As I was saying it is sometimes quite good even - for instance today I was helping an elderly lady from South Africa to configure her Motorola Q9 to receive and send MMS messages. I made it and she was very happy with that as well.

From other non-work things, I got a big package! from some Japanese girl in Germany :D he he he, well actually it was ONLY from S-chan :)

It was such a great thing! some decoration, some funny mice and a MOKKA COFEE MAKER! WOW, I was very happy about it. Especially since the coffee (Lavazza) was included too. photos included.

What do you think about these ! MICE - she is sending me VERMIN :D but since S-girl also sent me these beautiful ties, I have decided to forgive her. Besides, the mice look quite cute. Later on we are going to have a pet RAT for sure. As my Friend B-man and his girlfrend O-girlfriend :D

I was so happy about these things that I forgot to tell S-girl that I didn't get the job in the court so she was a BIT angry with me later on :/
Well anyway, the same day I went to a party - some alcohol - even Sake was there. We heated it up in the microwave - it was actually better than cold.
I spent the night in the place where we were having the party - it was organised by my 2 polish colleagues from work - brother and sister. There were 3 other people from work and 3 more people from somewhere - I hadn't known them before. It was very nice and pleasant, nothing wild. In two weeks, there will be another party, with my S-chan and hopefully me too.

In the meantime, I finally more or less filled my cupboard with food. I must also say that since gas is expensive here, my landlord, who is by the way a very nice an quiet sort of guy, is saving on heating. It is quite cold sometimes. I shall survive though.

Well, I will be getting to sleep soon, I hope tomorrow will be a good day - not too busy at work and not too cold at home.

Cheers everyone!

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Ryo さんのコメント...

Hello, A-man! I enjoyed your diary:) I'm happy to hear your new life there is going well, and keeping in good touch with S-chan. Those green mice are quite interesting...;) It sounds cold there...I wouldn't stand coldness in the house, well, I tried it repeatedly in the past but never got used to it or enjoyed...:( Just try not to catch cold...brrr...

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Thanks! But the mice anre not green... it is just my bad camera in my cellphone. When S-chan comes here I will make it warmer.