First day at...


That's right, I started my work today! I and S-chan are very happy about this too.
I believe my poor baby can relax a bit now. I won't earn much but this will be enough! With time I am sure a new opportunity appears for us.
I am looking for a flat right now - or a room for starters.

I started work at a big company - Sykes! It is very big and professional Customer Service company. I went there for the first time on Friday for a job interview, it went very well from what I heard. So on Monday I got a telephone call asking if I can start my training on the next day. Obviously, I said, OK, no problem.
So I started the training today. It was not too long, from 9 till half 6 (5:30) with two parts, each by a different person. First we had some general information about the company, what the work here looks like, what we can and what we can't do. Secondly, with a different person (an ex history professor) we begun talking about the quality of calls, how it is being measured and what should a professional call centre conversation look like.
The whole induction training will take some more time, up to two more weeks. later the actual work is going to begin.
In my group (fresh staff) there are 5 more people. Totally mixed and very very nice people.
There is one Polish person - a brother of one girl working here. He is going to work in my group as well. There is a German woman who will be working for a different group, only in German. Also, an English girl who has studied German and speaks it really well now - much better than me I believe. A Chinese girl, who had already worked for the company and is beginning anew on a different position after a break will do her work in the Apple part of the company. She is also very interesting; has been here for 6 years already and is married to a Scottish person. She also speaks English with a delicate but definite Scottish accent :). Talking about nice mixtures there is also a Chilean girl (born in Chile) who since she was 6 years old had been living in Sweden - hence will she be working for a Swedish speaking group or client. There is also this strange guy who speaks German with his Japanese fiancee. Imagine that!

Well, I don't think that there will be anything interesting tomorrow. I need two things done as soon as possible - a bank account and a National Insurance Number. I hope I will manage to open an account online, heard it is possible right now with HSBC, lets see.

Ok People, it is all for now. If anything happens I will write it.
See you!

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riecchi さんのコメント...

Gratuliere und alles Gute!!!!


Erdbeer さんのコメント...

Hi! Congrats on your new job!
It's amazing how quick you found a job there. It seems like a good start to my eyes! Your group is totally mixed up with a bunch of people from abroad...that seems quite comfortable for you to work, too, eh? Stay tuned!

czekoladka さんのコメント...

Pa-panda-san, congratulations on your great news!! It's so nice to hear that you have found a job with good people around :)

Wish you loads of success on your every future endeavour!