Erste woche - First week

at work!
I am finally back home (temporary home).
Feel happy and tired. The whole week was quite new and sometimes boring but overall great.

Additionally I managed to finally pass the telephony test! I even got 100 percent. It is not rocket science (means it is not very complicated) but I am glad anyway.
After work today I went to a pub for a beer. One of the older gentlemen who was training us came as well. Actually we were hoping somebody else would come with us but they couldn't.
I was quite hungry so I ate a nice baked potato with chili con carne - very good. English pubs usually serve simple but good stuff - what I like. The beer was good too so we had a slow and pleasant chat about the german beer, Hitler and history.
I really feel slowly better at waking up early. I will need it since after the next week I will probably have to get up at 6-30 because I think I am going to work from 8 o'clock. We will see.
I have been feeling very tired for the last week. I hope that I am being good enough for S-chan because of my tiredness. But she is coming here in less than 30 days :) We both are very happy :) I have been thinking recently a lot what we both can do together. We can walk in the city, ride bikes (there are enough here by my friend), go into the hills (so many of them all around). We will be able to eat good things together, cook for each other.
But first I need to find a place for the both of us together. I am starting to look for one right now so I really hope to find something by the time S-chan comes here. Besides, it is much easier than in Germany to find a flat good to live in because the flats here are mostly furnished - with furniture and kitchen equipement. Sometimes they have washing machines too.
So all in all, I am quite happy.
Thanks people