Second week at work.

Hallo again everyone.

As said, I have begun my second week at work today.
The work will be somewhat interesting, I will support poor people who are having problems with their mobile phones made by Motorola.
This week besides learning how to use the computer system we will have to learn how to use many phones. We have all models! so many interesting phones to play with. For instance, tomorrow I will (I think) be able to play with the new U9. The reviews I read were not so good but I will have to see for my own. S-chan saw this phone on an advert and thought it was "cool stuff" :) - that is the favourite sentence of our trainer. He is also interesting as many people in the firm - actually from Brasil but has worked in UK for many years and speaks perfect language, very American English.

Besides, as you might know, I have started looking for a flat to rent. Not actually a flat, a room. There are enough options too choose from but unfortunately there are not too many under 300 Pound including all the taxes. I hope to find something soon though, by the end of this month at the latest. We will see...

One interesting thing though, on Saturday I went with Mr. B and Ms. A (also known as Ms. O) to the cinema. We were told that the new Woody Allen film with Penelope Cruise in it was good. The title was Vicky Cristina Barcelona (have a look at the link - from IMDB) and it was quite good. Nice scenery and crazy story - maybe not incredibly good but definitely in the upper scale. I can recommend it easily.

So then, tomorrow is a next day for me and S-chan. I am happy to see her next month and we should have some good time together.

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Erdbeer さんのコメント...

I've seen the movie, too!
It's not bad...maybe I expected too much. Gambatte this week, too!