Choinki! or Christmas Trees.
For some years my family has been selling Christmas trees during Christmas time.
A few years ago we planted 6000 small saplings. It took a few days to do and was very exhausting as well but now we have small spruce-wood :)
It is very small but even so it looks great. Since we planted too many trees at once, many of them grew very tall, too tall to sell. There is also a newer part - planted just 3 years ago and they are still nice and shapely. It is in fact difficult to find a very beautiful tree in the plantation since we have not been cutting them to shape. Many people complain because there is very often something they don't like about a tree; the shape is not even, it is too small or too big... very picky.
I am not complaining though! I made some good money again :) very very happy about it. Wish I could make such good money every day.
It was not too difficult anyway - my father helped me a lot - we had to first look for a nice tree, then cut it with a saw and transport it back home - not too far.
Finally, we brought the trees to a small marketplace in Ciechanów and I stayed to sell them. All in all, not too bad as long as you have dry shoes and socks.
To be quite honest though, I prefer a work where you can stay inside and don't have to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning.