Pa-Panda voice again.

Hi there everyone.

As you all know I passed the MA exam. Right now I am still in Poznan - waiting to pick my diploma up, throwing some old things away, generally cleaning up after my studies.
I will have to start organizing the wedding as well, whom can we invite, what to actually do and where to do it - in a restaurant, hotel or something else.
We shall see.

Except for this, the last few days I have been checking on presents. I am planning on giving my sister a cell-phone that I found, since it looks very nice, she should be happy.
As to right now - I have just started configuring a new laptop for S-chan. She ordered a Thinkpad (wiki) x31 (wiki). It was not too expenive as it is an older computer, nevertheless it is of excelent build and quality. Truly wonderful equipement. I believe she will be very happy with it.
Anyway, she will write about it as well later on with nice photos.
Untill then, bye bye

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Erdbeer さんのコメント...

You made it!
That's a really great thing
to congratulate :).
Enjoy the time now because it's
the best time (I guess)after the


Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

Thank you!
I enjoy it but I really need to hurry up with my job search.
Machs gut!