The book reading time.


today I would like to tell a story about a cat. Or at least about a book about a cat :)

For the last 3 days, S-chan was readin a book to me, over skype. The title was "Die Abenteure des Kater Mikosh" or "The adventures of a tabby called Mikosh" by a well known writer Jurij Brezan. http://www.jurijbrezan.de/.

Of course it was a children's story, about a cat who was living with his friend Tomas but on one day, he slept on a train car and was brought somewhere else by the train. The book describes how he misses his friend and that he is trying to get home. Finally he meets a travelling railroad circus and is makes friends with a Lion, Camel, Elephant and other animals. There is one bad kitty there though - an old Tiger! The tiger tries to kill the Mikosh cat but fortunatelly he manages to survive and sues the tiger for bodily injury and murder attempt. The Tiger is then sentenced for life - no other animal will speak to him again.

In the meantime the animals travel through Germany, I think Chech Republic and Poland. Mikosh is very sad that he cannot see his friend again but the other animal try to cheer him up. Eventually they come up with a special circus trick - Mikosh is hiding in the Elephant's ear and later springs out of it. The circus director agrees to helps Mikosh find his family and the while the trick is shown in TV, the story is also explained - that Mikosh is looking for Tomas. When Tomas sees the TV program, he begs his parents to come to see the circus and so the two - cat and boy come together again. The moral of the story is always to know as much as possible - especially the name of the city you live in, just in case you get captured or kidnapped and want to return.

I really liked how S-chan was reading it to me, she was really clear, and besides I love her voice, it is really very cute and nice. I enjoyed it very much.

By the way, I could enjoy it so much because I bough a Motorola H300 bluetooth headset - for just 1 pound from Ebay :D and it works. Since my PC has bluetooth, I am using it with skype - very very comfortable! Now I can lie in my bed and listen to stories or on the other hand, read stories to S-chan easily.

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