From Edin again

Hi all.

I am again writing from Edinburgh. I came back on Wednesday after a beautiful stay from Friday afternoon.
Some nice stories to tell too, I am sure some of them will seem funny to me.

First of all, the first day on Friday. My landlord is a good guy so when I told him I am flying at 6:30, he told me "Ok, I will drive you there in my car" Obviously, I was happy about that.
I got up at 4:20 (AM!!! morning!!!) and knocked on his door - there came a growling noise "whaaat???" I told him that we have to get going, but he said "WHAT, aaah, so you meant in the MORNING not in the afternoon!"
He though I meant the 6:30 in the afternoon (pm) But fortunately he got dressed and we went to the airport - no problem there. I got him 2 good German beers for that - Berliner and Paulaner Weizen. Hope he likes them.

I got to the airport, flew without a problem - really like flying. But then, after we arrived, the line to passport control was so long, the airplane was a bit late as well. The problem was that I had bought a ticket from a cheap train company - Interconnex (Veolia) the previous day from Berlin Main train station to Rostock. It was 17 Euro only, so very cheap. But it was leaving at 10:57. As you may already suspect, I did not make it... poor panda. The S-bahn (city train) to the train station left quite late and it took 40 minutes to get there. I was 6 MINUTES TOO LATE... Very angry. But I ate some nice food at the Berlin Train Station Asian restaurant - Wan-Tan soup and Summer Rolls so my mood improved quickly. Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

After I got to Rostock though, it was great. We had some nice time together with S-chan - as you can see in her blog.
On Friday – Restaurant, French wine and food. It was so tasty, I cannot even tell what was the best – everything was great. The wine – superb. Just a bit too expensive. Anyway – I was happy about that, nice time together with S-chan’s Surrogate German mother. I believe sometimes we could do a home meal with good quality wine and food. Maybe next time

I especially liked the bike trips - we borrowed a bike from her flat mates. The trip near the Zoo and in the Cemetery was especially nice. We have to be very glad about the weather - it rained only when we were inside and except for that it was sunny and mellow all the time :)

Then, I was shooooooping. Normally I am not a great shopping fan but this time I simply needed to buy some clothes. I bough 2 pairs of shoes, trousers, 2 very decent t-shirts and a good shirt. I simply love the trousers – exactly what I wanted and needed. Will buy some more similar in a month or 2. I really like the shirt too – suits cloth and denim trousers. Which reminds me, I would really like to have some new jeans… but for the next month – it is SAVING MONEY, okanemochi okanemochi – just opened an additional savings account. I hope next month I will be able to put most of my wages into it :D the fun of saving money

SUUUUCH a nice time.

I just found out that after I have been here for 6 months, I can have additional good medical insurance – covering S-chan as well. I will have to take it!

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kojisato さんのコメント...

Hi Pa-panda! Where ist your great
history on the last day in Germany?
I like it! It's funne (at least for me). You can send a next Post here!

Pa-Panda さんのコメント...

ja gut dann schreibe ich spaeter