Something more about the trip back...

Well, there is something more about the trip back to Edinburgh on Wednesday...
S-chan told me that I should write about it since it is sooooo funny, I don't know :/

But ok, it is fairly funny. Typical Panda bad luck. It was

It was at the airport, during the gateway control - when they check if your cabin baggage is not too big.

I had a big beige bag I got from S-chan. It is really big and basically looks as if it is too big - but is still within the limits actually. Anyway, I had to put it in the special measuring cage to check if it would fit. It got in very easily, it is really quite good for airplane travel. ... ... I could not get it out of the measuring bars though!!! I first just cought the strap and tried to pull it out - but is stuck so my hand slipped and I hit myself on the lip... bit bloody. I tried to pull it out and still could not, there was a line of people waiting behind me and I heard some girls laughing :/ It must have looked ridiculous, so mean girls. Wrrrrr. I finally - after maybe 3-4 minutes managed to get it out but by then I was red in the face and sweaty. Such bad luck... good that it was the last "pech" for the day.

Of course, when S heard about it, she just burst out laughing - like when I was getting out of the train with 2 big and heavy bags and my leg fell into the space between the train and platform curb - she couldn't stop laughing! I could have broken my leg... bad S-chan.

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kojisato さんのコメント...

A hahahahahahahahahahahah!
she can't stop laughing!
It's soooooooo funny!:p