First Rice Cooker attempt! Palson Risotto

A very long time ago, far far away in the ice cold Edinburgh, a Panda decided to buy something to prepare food. Since there is not too much bamboo growing here, this Panda wanted to buy a rice cooker. So (I) looked on the internet and bought one from Ebay. A new one made by a company called Palson and the cooker itself is called Risotto.

That's what it looks like:

I took me a very very long time to get it. First the payment method was really long - almost two weeks. Then, when the post finally delivered it, I wasn't home so I was supposed to get it from the main post office - far away. I could have just asked Clive who works there to get it for me. Yeah, but I did not want to bother him and registered for re-delivery. Unfortunately, they were not delivering it so in the end I asked Clive after all. Now, however, I finally got it.

There is an additional tray for steaming food and an internal bowl for cooking stuff - for instance vegetables. I tried it yesterday with rice and... surprise !!! There is no automatic cooking option! P:ANDA IS VERY UNHAPPY... you have to wait and take care so that it does not burn the food. In addition it is very strong - boils water too quickly, you have to take care so that the food does not escape.

I guess I am stuck with it though and have to learn to live with it and use it. Yesterday I boiled some rice - was good enough and I am taking it tomorrow to work. I tried the steaming option today - good too. I did haggis and potatoes with the unconventional addition of a corn-knob. Everything was very well cooked, potatoes especially - delicious. The corn was definitelly a good idea as well. As to haggis - very good but just too much and the taste is too strong as well. Next time I can share one package with somebody. What I did today actually would be perfectly OK for me and S-chan together.

I am not too sure what to think about this. If I had choice again, I would never buy it again - no automatic cooking option and too strong. Plus sides - big bowl, quick rice boiling, not bad steaming. Next time - piroza or dumplings.

Anyway, when we are in Japan, we are going to buy something better. A specialized rice cooker, maybe with some additional option - for instance bread baking :) he he.


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