Sunny Japanese Day in Edinburgh, Lauriston Castle.

Hi guys!

I just spent a very good day.

Yesterday, my friend M. told me that the day after there is supposed to be a Japanese Day in Edinburgh, in Lauriston Castle. She also decided that I have to be at her place at 9:30 at the latest and that we are going there! The panda did not want to argue so he said, ok, ok, I can go (I also wanted to see it).

So today I got up early (eeee, reasonably early, not too late) and took a bus to M's place and from there we quickly went to the Castle. I bought some great cakes from Sommerfield, with almond - cheap - 2 for 1.2 :) and very taaasty.

The weather was not too good at the beginning but later on it got much better, sunny and a bit warmer. Unfortunately, this is Scotland, so even if it is warm, it is cold :) This year at leas should be very good.

Here are all the photos and videos I made. If I get some more from M, then I will definitely show them here.

At the castle, I was surprised to see how pretty everything was, you could see the bay out of the castle hill and the castle area was very well up kept - green beautiful gardens everywhere, nicely cut grass, wonderful trees!! As you know I like trees :) Really, it was so great.

Later, the actual Taiko and karate presentations started. You can see some in the videos. I enjoyed the music a lot , it was more even than the music, the whole show was really impressive. I would like to see a bigger show by Taiko musicians, maybe there will be some other taikonists during the festival in August.

I also played Go for real for the first time in my life - on a normal go with real stones. Until now, I was only playing on paper and on the PC.

Neither I nor M actually new that there was a new Japanese garden there. It has been founded and opened in 2002. We both saw the Japanese garden in Wrocław, so we could not help comparing. The one in Wroclaw has been there from 1909 and even if its very small, it is also really impressive. This one, however, has very good chances of becoming a very beautiful garden, especially so because it has much more space.

Since the weather got better, we just walked a lot, had a look at the ikebana presentation and generally relaxed. Soo good that M told me about it. After we left, I felt like going for a beer (the ale festival is still there) but the pub was too full with very very strange people - dressed like : cows, girls, unknown animals... it must have been some important football or rugby match. I preferred to leave and have a beer at home. Their wifi does not work anyway (so far) :)

I hope you liked it .

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