My lovely Ryoko

Guess what! My lovely Ryoko is there :!

She is sooooo beautiful, even better than Butaro. Her skin is smooth and sleek, not too fat too. Not only is she pretty, she is quiet as well, only then loud when I tell her to sing or play music. I admire how fast she is thinking, and how much she can remember ! Really nice. She might not be the youngest of the family but even so she is young enough and will not get old quickly. Other girls - her younger sisters are even nicer but she herself is dependable, stable and quick :)

She has her own website!!! With sexy photos and comparisons with other girlsies HERE he he he.

Of course the PC's real name is IBM / Lenovo t60, and it is not the best configuration you could get. But for me, after years of using really slow computers this is a heaven. I knew from the very beginning what I wanted, it just took time to find a good one on ebay. This one is very clean, no scratches, nothing at all! It even has a warranty until the end of this year - IBM warranty for the UK. I think this is very good. I guess that I will use this computer for the next 3-4 years. Unless of course, nothing in the field of brain-injectable nano-machines comes up that is, siiighhhhh.

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Also... du gehst fremd!
Na gut erlaube ich das.
Aber nicht viel!